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KHSU June pledge drive postponed

KHSU June pledge drive postponed

Mad River Union ARCATA – Operators won’t be sitting by at (707) 826-4805 any time soon, because the regularly scheduled June pledge drive for Humboldt State University radio station KHSU 90.5 FM has been postponed to a date uncertain. The delay is apparently due to the controversy and upheaval set off by the recent firing

For many, Katie Whiteside was the K in KHSU

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – For nearly 23 years, Katie Whiteside lived and breathed KHSU 90.5 FM. At times, Whiteside virtually resided in her office and car, staying close by to manage emergencies, soldiering on for the station even through vacations and days off. As “Ramona,” Whiteside hosted the Pagan Dance Music