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Letters to the Editor June 13, 2018

Letters to the Editor June 13, 2018

KHSU firing unexplained Three weeks ago long-time KHSU employee Katie Whiteside was fired. I had just seen Katie on a Sunday and spoke with her about coming back as a host and editor for Through the Eyes of Women. On Monday I arranged an interview with an internationally acclaimed author.   On Tuesday I emailed

Letters to the Editor: Thoughts on McKinley, Trump and other pressing matters

Leave McKinley alone I have watched the statue of William McKinley be trashed and mocked for no good reason and for years on end. McKinley became President in an era when Irish workers were greeted with signs  saying “No Irish Need Apply.”  Thank you for noticing that he deserves better. Julie Timmons Eureka A slice

Letters to the Editor Sept. 21, 2016

Walking to end Alzheimer’s My husband Alan was diagnosed with dementia nine months after we were married. I was 53 years old, he was 61. Before the end of our sixth year together, in July 2011, he had passed. I am wildly grateful for having had Alan in my life. But it still breaks my

Letters to the Editor through mid-September

Talk about shameful! The Mad River Union’s “coverage” of recent Manila Community Services Board of Directors’ meetings would benefit from fuller disclosure, that is, when reporting or opining on meetings, writers/reporters should disclose that they have not attended the meetings on which they are writing or opining. For example, Jack Durham “reported” on a meeting

Letters To The Editor Through May 19, 2014

Elect a future-focused BOS There are some good candidates in this year’s Board of Supervisor’s race. Interactions during debates and community forums give them the chance to zero in and respond to the issues most important to us, their constituents. This year the immediate concerns seem to be safety within our communities, adequate law enforcement,