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Union Editorial: Local and national challenges to press freedom won’t stop us – will you?

Union Editorial: Local and national challenges to press freedom won’t stop us – will you?

In the  last few weeks, we’ve experienced the president of the United States declaring our country’s news media “the enemy of the people.” In keeping with his view of press freedom, a state university administrator threatened lawsuits against local journalists over news coverage of an issue of deep interest to the community. Then, political zealots

First Amendment issue delays murder case again

Paul Mann Mad River Union EUREKA — A defense motion to block the press and public from the next phase of the Jon David Goldberg murder case has forced another postponement in the prosecution of the man accused of the point blank gunshot killing of a Fortuna fire captain last September. The defense motion clashes

Bohn backs off ‘In God We Trust’ proposal

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – A supervisor’s proposal to install a sign reading “In God We Trust” in the Board of Supervisors chambers has been withdrawn in response to public criticism and lawsuit concerns. Board Chair Rex Bohn’s proposed resolution supporting the signage was removed from the agenda of the Nov. 4 meeting.

Bohn wants ‘In God We Trust’ prominently displayed

Union Staff Report HUMBOLDT – The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote on a resolution Tuesday which would require that the words “In God We Trust” to be prominently displayed in the Board Chambers. The meeting begins at 9 a.m. at the Board Chambers at 825 Fifth St. Eureka. The proposed ordinance

LETTERS: Eureka Should Respect the First Amendment

Dear Editor: Thank you to Elizabeth Alves for her thoughtful column about Eureka Mayor Frank Jager’s support of public prayer during city business. While Mr. Jager strongly identifies with his Christian values, I don’t believe this gives him the right to promote his religious beliefs to the public. The First Amendment guarantees us the right