Letters to the Editor, Sept. 27, 2017

Forget incorporation. Try this...

I note with interest recent articles and letters to the editor regarding the fate of the McKinley statue on the Arcata Plaza, most expressing a desire to see the statue removed for obvious reasons.

Having lived in unincorporated McKinleyville for many years, I have become disenchanted with the town’s moniker for the same obvious reasons.  But the idea of seeking to incorporate McKinleyville so its inhabitants can determine their own destiny – including a possible moniker update – seems to be a legal and political impossibility according to those in the know.

So I have a proposal. Let adjacent Arcata annex McKinleyville, while at the same time removing the McKinley statue from the Arcata Plaza. Thus, several important issues could be resolved at the same time.

Some may argue that the ways of Arcata are too progressive for poor, backwards McKinleyville. Yet being the never-ending, unincorporated rump of Humboldt County may be an even worse fate.

Ideally, McKinleyville should be an independent, incorporated city in its own right.  But that seems to be an idea whose time may never come.   

Ben Waters

Flushing money down the drain

Arcata residents who are homeowners need to be informed about the new Ordinance 1461. If your home is 25 years or older, you must submit to this test to get a Certificate of Compliance in order for escrow to close when you sell your home.

This is an account of our family dealing with the City of Arcata Building Department. My husband went to the Building Department to get the process started for the sewer lateral replacement test. It is a lengthy and costly process.

Check to the city: $4,939. Check to the plumber: $1,100. Total: $6,043.

We passed the test and my husband went down to City Hall to check up on when we would receive our certificate and inquire when we would receive our refund check. Would you believe the assistant who handles the sewer lateral replacement test had no record of our transactions? He came home for his file folder with copies of all transactions. We did receive our certificate and refund check. Now we are moving to another state in a few days.

My reason for writing this letter is to inform the citizens of Arcata of the total ineptness of the Building Department. Make sure you make copies of all transactions.

Ordinance 1461 is a ripoff.

The city workers who came to do the testing and digging to find the hookups did a great job. They were excellent people to work with.

I have lived in Arcata for 61 years. I will not miss the city government, but I will miss family and friends.

Margaret Stafford
Formerly of Arcata 


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