Letters to the Editor, Feb. 15, 2017

Read more about Mary

Mary Burke will be an excellent addition to the McKinleyville Community Services District board.  Mary will be the only woman and the youngest member, and with her young son and husband, she represents families that will benefit from a voting voice in McKinleyville. Mary already volunteers on the Recreation Advisory Committee for MCSD and has successfully brought in grant money for improvements in the wastewater system while improving fish habitat on the Mad River. Mary’s interests, skills and experience are impressive. I encourage you to read more about Mary online (VoteMaryBurke.org), complete your mail-in ballot, put a stamp on it and send it off to the Elections Office by March 14. Thank you for participating in McKinleyvílle’s future.

Linda Doerflinger

What most can agree on

After a polarizing election year there are a couple of issues I think most of us can agree on: AARP and MCSD.

The majority of us have been contributing to and counting on Medicare and Social Security to be there for us when we need it, and not subject to the profit motives of private insurance or investment companies. AARP is committed to preserving Medicare and Social Security and is well worth joining – it’s cheap and they’re a great advocate for us all, regardless of politics.

The other issue is closer to home. MCSD is blessed with a great board and staff and currently has an opening which will be filled by a mail-in ballot this March.  I feel Mary Burke would be a great compliment to the Board of Directors. Her education and experience bring expertise to areas critical to MCSD’s mission. She values fiscal responsibility while keeping rates down.  She values clean and safe water for the community. She has direct experience with our wastewater system and has worked to help combine it with creating coho salmon habitat along the lower Mad (how cool is that?). She is active on the MCSD Recreation Advisory Committee and is committed to enhancing McKinleyville’s family-friendly character with parks, trails and even a river parkway.  Mary’s intelligence, upbeat attitude and approachability will make her a great asset to both the MCSD Board and the future of our community.  Watch for the mail-in ballots in mid-February!

Greg Jaso

More Mary for Mack Town

I would like to express my unqualified support for the candidacy of Mary Burke for the McKinleyville Community Services District (MCSD) Board of Directors. Mary has served on the MCSD Recreation Committee and is knowledgable, professional and very pleasant to work with. She will treat all her constituents with respect.  Mary also understands how MCSD working towards creating linked trails, developing a Mad River park, and securing a community forest between McKinleyville and Fieldbrook can lead to improved quality of life and community health. Watch for your ballot in the mail and be sure to send it in before March 14 to the Humboldt County Elections Department to help elect Mary Burke to the MCSD.

Patrick Higgins


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