Letters to the Editor, Feb. 1, 2017

Only headed downward

I respect Patty Fleschner's choice not to protest but instead listen to and learn from the newly elected president's Inaugural words (Union Guest Opinion, Jan. 25). Most of us , however, have already listened to and learned from his words throughout the past year during his campaign, so it can’t be said that “we don't know very much yet.”

His cabinet nominations were informative, as was his Victory Tour, where he told his supporters that the chant “Drain the swamp” played well during the campaign but wasn’t necessary anymore because he had won.

We can’t be asked, in all seriousness, to be open-minded about an administration that is poised to profit at the expense of people and the planet, that is anti-immigration at the expense of families, that is anti-most human rights and pro-torture.  I would ask that we open our eyes.

We’re on a roller coaster where the carney is in control and so far, given Trump's executive orders, censorship of the Department of the Interior and Environmental Protection Agency, set up of the media as FAKE, and willingness to destroy the land and water supply of a people who have been so courageous in their defense of clean water for all people,  it looks like we’re only headed downward.

And so we march. And speak out as loudly as we can. Because  there is so much at stake. Donald Trump could listen to and learn from our words, the people he’s supposed to serve. He won’t.

Liz Roth

Just left with the pomp

And so it begins:

The pomp and circumstance of the inaugural weekend are over and we are just left with the pomp. I tried very hard to ignore all the garbage, but I got caught. I was trying to get some real news on Sunday morning and ran into Kellyanne Conway doing yet another explanation. This time, she was trying to explain why the presidential press secretary, speaking from the White House Briefing Room, might have gotten confused and used “alternative facts” regarding the number of people at the inauguration. She also wanted to know why women who “didn’t vote” and “should have come to me to talk” were marching in the streets.

Yikes – are these people really stupider than we thought? Do we really need the permission of some Trumped-up fluffer on the White House Staff to march in protest? Are we really going to put up with Howdy Doody and his band of idiots?

In other news, the new administration is touting the return to supply-side economics. So maybe it is time to look at that. Supply-side or trickle-down economies are defined as such: “Trickle-down economics, also referred to as ‘trickle-down theory,’ is a term associated with laissez-faire capitalism in general and more specifically supply-side economics, used to characterize economic policies as favoring the wealthy or privileged.” The premise of this theory is to release money into the economy by tax cuts to the rich who will then fund growth and all that money will “trickle down” to benefit the less advantaged.

Two things wrong here. One, rich people stay rich by not spending money. They will save, save, save and only invest if they have to and never in anything that will benefit anyone but themselves. Two, we all know there is only one thing that trickles down and older people know you need an adult diaper to keep it in check.

Once again Howdy is showing his true color, money. This way of treating the economy was used by Ronald Reagan to “pay off” his political cronies. From the month that Reagan was elected, the prime interest rate in this country rose to 19.5 percent and continued this high or higher all through 1981. The net results of this policy was the 1987 recession, which until 2008, was the biggest recession to hit this country since the Great Depression of 1929. All Republican administrations have used variations of this policy so much so that George W. brought us 2008. So buckle up folks. You thought prices were rising fast in the past eight years, just you wait.

On another note, Marco Rubio has decided to back Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. I wonder what his payoff was? Maybe it was a Dachau on the Black Sea.

Be well and keep resisting

Jan Phelps




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