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More cops, please

Note: The following letter was received by the Arcata City Council. – Ed.

City of Arcata,

I’m sure you all have your hands full and it’s probably like “preaching to the choir” but please help us out. As a citizen, father, landlord, voter, and Arcata business owner; we need to clean up the downtown! As always, I am more than willing to do my part.

Now more than ever I feel like the climate of extreme tolerance is hurting our business community, and putting the public in real, as well as perceived danger. The criminals that operate day and night, out in the open spaces of our community send a message and create the feeling that we don’t enforce our laws and will not protect our streets and people. My friends and neighbors are sick and tired of it, people want to move away.  I’ve considered it myself. This is so bad for our community on so many levels.

I understand that this is a complex issue with a lot of moving parts. I don’t think any action from the city will be fixing the worlds problems, nor am I implying that we need to fix all of the substance abuse, homelessness, entitlement program abuse, mental health etc.

However, I do think there are some things that we can do ... can we please increase police presence and police department staffing budget to have that presence around the clock all year at a level that really sends a message that we mean business about public safety. We can find the money, the downtown business community can be more successful and prosperous, and we can change that terrible reputation that Arcata has developed.

If you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance, please call me anytime!

Kind regards,

Joshua Neff

Protect habitat and wildlife

September 12, 2017

Mr. Jerome Perez, California State Director, California State Director Bureau of Land Management
2800 Cottage Way #W1834
Sacramento, CA 95825

Dear Mr. Perez,

As representatives of businesses and community leaders in Northern California we are writing to you to ask you to protect unique places within the combined Redding and Arcata BLM Field Offices Resource Management Plan (RMP) revision process.

As you know, this combined RMP, the Northwest California Integrated Resource Management Plan (NCIP) includes 396,000 acres of diverse and spectacular landscape, and provides recreational opportunities for our communities and hundreds of thousands who visit this region to explore our vast and spectacular public lands.

In this region, the BLM manages lands from the North Coast to the Central Valley and the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. These lands include isolated redwood groves, oak woodlands, pristine rivers and streams, and are home to bald eagles, marbled murrelet, western snowy plover, salmon and steelhead and sandhill cranes.

Millions of people visit California every year to experience our magnificent public lands— from the Sacramento River Bend Area to the spectacular King Range of the north coast.

These tourists play a critical role in supporting our local economy. In fact, in the Outdoor Industry Association’s report on our nation’s recreation economy, California generates $85.4 billion in outdoor recreation consumer spending, which is more than any other state in the country.

When narrowed down to just BLM lands, ECONorthwest found in 2016 that there were 4.9 million visits to California’s 15.2 million acres of BLM lands in 2014 to enjoy non-motorized (or “quiet recreation”) outdoor activities alone.

This resulted in $329 million in overall spending, and $244 million of that was in direct spending on quiet recreation visits within 50 miles of recreation sites.

We as business and community leaders experience this economic benefit first-hand by locals and tourists alike buying gear, purchasing local products, frequenting our restaurants, visiting our towns and countless other positive impacts on our local economies.

We are asking you to protect these places because we value them personally and because we see the direct local economic benefit to our communities.

We choose to run our businesses, raise our families, and give back to our communities in Northern California because investing in the future of this region of our state will mean a better life for all who call it home. We urge you to make this same investment in the future of Northern California by protecting the most pristine places within your NCIP planning area.

We know it is critical that the final combined RMPs strike a balance among many of the uses of public lands, including development and recreation.

As you work to achieve this balance, we urge you to please take all appropriate measures to conserve the relatively few places that remain in a pristine condition – for our future, for our children, and for our local economies.

N. Anderson, Owner, Caravan of Dreams Arcata

Sara Dodd, Manager, Smugs Pizza Arcata

Nelson Fagundes, Manager, Murphy’s Market Trinidad

Bill Chino, Owner, Tux Inc., Moonstone Grill, Abruzzi, Plaza Grill Arcata

Joellen Clark-Peterson, Executive Director,

Arcata Chamber of Commerce Arcata

Dante DiGenova, Owner, Northtown Books Arcata

Sara Dodd, Manager, Smugs Pizza Arcata

Cal Ferris, Owner/Chef, Humboldt Hot Sauce Arcata

Larry Glass, Former Owner, The Works Arcata

Meridith Maier, Co-owner, Six Rivers Brewery McKinleyville

Jens Hanson, Owner, Mad River Tackle Arcata

Cassandra Hesseltine, Commissioner, Humboldt and Del Norte Film Commission Eureka

Gene Joyce, Owner, Arcata Exchange Arcata

Paul Fitzgerald, Owner, Larrupin Café Trinidad

Julie Fulkerson, Owner, Fulkerson and Associates Trinidad

Michelle Greenway, Owner, Coffee Break Arcata

Chris Hollen, Owner, Folie Douce Arcata

Michael Kauffmann, Owner, Backcountry Press Arcata

Gregg Foster, Executive Director, Redwood Regional Economic Development Commission Eureka

Amber Madrone, Marketing Director, Wildberries Marketplace Arcata

Jeff and Cassandra Hesseltine, Co-owners, Black Lightning Motorcycle Café Eureka

Jackie Keegan, Co-Owner, Beachcomber Café Trinidad

Jodie Marynowski, Owner, JB Maryn Arcata

Steve McHaney, Engineer, GHD Arcata

John O’Connor, Owner, Humboldt Bay Tourism Center, Oyster Beach Eureka

Michael Kraft, HR Consultant, Sequoia Personnel Arcata

Travis May, General Manager, Los Bagels Arcata

Katie McCreary, Store Manager, Eureka Books Eureka

Sue McIntyre, Owner, Belle Starr Clothing Arcata

Bob Lawton, Owner/Broker Humboldt Mortgage Arcata

David Mays, Owner, Dave’s Computer Arcata

Julia McFarland, Manager, Crazy River Ranch/The Front Porch Arcata

Talia Nachshon, Co-owner, Six Rivers Brewery McKinleyville

Steve O’Meara, President, Kokotat Arcata

Aaron Ostrom, Co-owner, Pacific Outfitters Arcata

Terra Pearson, Bodyworker, Wholistic Bodywork Arcata

Joshua Solomon, Owner, Japhy’s Arcata

Pritesh Patel, Owner, Super 8, Comfort Inn & Suites, Days Inn & Suites, Comfort Inn Arcata/Fortuna

Conny Pena, Owner, Café Phoenix Arcata

Tony Smithers, Executive Director, Eureka/Humboldt Visitors Bureau Eureka

Ryan Stanoszck, Lead Supervisor, Eureka Natural Foods McKinleyville

Mike Reinman, Owner, Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals Trinidad

Justin Sochouka, Bigfoot Construction Arcata

Martin Swett, Senior Lender, Summit Funding Eureka

Tamra Tafaya, Manager, Brio Bakery Arcata

Alice Vasterling, Co-Owner, Beachcomber Café Trindad

Kara Williamson, Manager, Mazzoti’s Restaurant Arcata

Sean Tetrault, Owner, Revolution Bicycles Arcata

Krishna Zapkovic, Supervisor, StreamGuys Arcata

Brance Brance, Owner, Kayak Zach’s Stone Lagoon

Emily Trutt, Event & Marketing Coordinator, Glory Bound Services, Arcata

Melissa Zarp, Co-Owner, Beachcomber Café Trinidad

[Plus numerous other signatories from businesses throughout Northern California]

cc: Alan Bittner, District Manager, BLM Northern California; Molly Brown, Field Manager, Arcata BLM Field office; Jennifer Mata, Field Manager, Redding BLM Field office



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