Dogtown: These shy, sweet pups need a a happy home

Redwood Pals has been working with two shy shepherd girls, Marina and Trinity. These two have come so far and could use foster or adopter homes to help them come the rest of the way out of their shy shells and be the wonderful dogs that we know them to be. 


Marina is a young adult female German Shepherd mix. We would guess her to be around 2 years old. Her face looks like she could have Doberman or Rottweiler in her, but her body is definitely German Shepherd dog. Marina had been spotted on the riverbank in the Carlotta area when someone noticed that she had a fishhook stuck in her mouth (and not a little one, either).

Animal control was contacted and due to her shyness, they had to use a catch pole to capture her. It can be fairly traumatic for any dog to be at the end of a catch pole, but for a shy dog, it is terrifying. The kind animal control officer didn’t really have a choice, as the fishhook had to be removed for Marina to survive. 

The fish hook.

Add in that Marina had likely been living outside for a while, and the shelter did not become her favorite place to be. In the eight weeks that she has been at the shelter she has made enormous progress. 

We have been giving her meat scraps, brushing her, leashing her up and introducing her to other dogs. We have found that she is very dog-friendly, likes being brushed, prefers being outside, is sensitive to loud sounds and is completely non-aggressive towards humans. She likes to sit in the sun with me and is so much more relaxed than she was at first. 

With another two months, we could probably get her much closer to a “normal” dog, but that is pushing the limits of the shelter’s generosity towards a dog that will never go up for adoption there. 

I think this dog would blossom in a home with other dogs and a nice fenced yard to relax in. She has a personality that will melt your heart! If you would be interested in fostering this big girl, please contact us at [email protected] or the phone number below.


The other shy girl we’ve been working with is Trinity. Trinity is about 8 months old and could be a shepherd and cattle dog mix. She is fairly small, probably under forty pounds. Trinity was posted on Craigslist one day and abandoned in a crate in front of Sequoia Humane Society the next. Perhaps some people think that leaving your dog outside a shelter will take care of a rehoming issue, but unfortunately it doesn’t really work that way. Trinity was transported to the Humboldt County Shelter in her crate, which was then parked inside a kennel. Trinity was so scared that she didn’t really want to come out of her crate for quite a while. One of the kennel staff was able to win her trust and found out that Trinity also loves other dogs, which we then used to help her be more comfortable with us. 

She has been out walking and playing with other dogs and is a very happy little pup! In her kennel she is still a little shy about new people and she will have to overcome that to make it to the Adoptable wing of the shelter. If we can get her out sooner, that’s one less occupied kennel. Trinity would be happy in a home with other playful dogs and people who have some patience and will help her shed the last of her shyness. She is a lovely little dog and will make a great family pet. 

Both of these girls are available for foster or adoption through Redwood pals Rescue, who can be reached at [email protected] or by calling (707) 839-9692.

In other news, the shelter’s Saturday afternoon adoption event, Wags and Whiskers, is coming up on May 12. You can fill out an adoption application at the shelter ahead of time so as to be pre-approved for adoption on that day. Some shelter dogs and Redwood Pals dogs can also be seen this Saturday, May 5, at the May Day Artisans Fair at the Blue Ox Millworks. Come on out and meet them! 




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