Dogtown: Lucy and Seamus would be pleased to meet you

First up is Lucy, a lovely medium-sized dog that would fit wonderfully into almost any home. Lucy is a “no-drama” type of dog. She walks nicely on the leash, gets along well with all people and dogs and is happy to go for a short or long walk or play ball in the playpen. She had an owner who called the shelter a few times to see if she was there but never came and picked her up. We can’t imagine doing that to Lucy and I don’t think she understands why that happened either.


She has become one of our go-to dogs for testing out other dogs thanks to her rock-steady personality and ease around everyone. The only thing she doesn’t like is going back into her kennel and who can blame her there? This sweet dog is ready to go to a home where she can show off how easy she is to love.

Lucy (aka Lulu) is a mixed breed female about five years old. She is spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped and is available for adoption from the Humboldt County Animal Shelter at 980 Lycoming Ave. In Mckinleyville. Information about open hours, adoption fees and more is available at (707) 840-9132.

One of the dogs that Lucy has helped us with is Seamus, a handsome Terrier mix of some sort. Seamus is under the care of Redwood Pals Rescue. His behavior was a little hard to read at first and we weren’t sure how he behaved around other dogs. That is where a dog like Lucy really comes in handy!


We walked Seamus with Lucy and though he was quite excited at first, he quickly settled in and displayed appropriate behavior with her, even trying to get her to play with him at the end. In subsequent walks we have discovered that it appears he was trained to heel and sit; the stress of the shelter sometimes makes dogs forget their manners and it is exciting to discover that they do in fact have some.

Seamus loves attention and can be very cuddly. He has a terrier coat that appears to be of the no-shedding variety. He is only about two years old and about 50 pounds. He looks most like the images of Irish Terriers, though they seem to be much smaller. He is a lean and leggy guy. We are confident that he would do well with a female dog companion, and a male might be a possibility as we continue to work on his doggie social skills, which just seem a little rusty. I think that he just wants to play and is excited about seeing other dogs. Seamus is still at the shelter as we go to press and could use a foster or adoptive home.

To meet this stunning dog, please call Redwood Pals at (707)839-9692 or email [email protected].



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