Dogtown: First steps and second chances

am happy to report that the two puppy families pictured here last week were transported to a rescue in Redding that is set up to take mama dogs and their little babies!

There is still one mama dog and her five pups looking for a foster family, five undersized puppies that are in foster until they are old enough to go up for adoption, one lovely gentle female pup with mange that needs a foster home where she can get the care she needs to regrow her pretty coat, and a passel of pups that are waiting for adoption. Sigh.

Redwood Pals is always on the lookout for foster homes and the Humboldt County Shelter is always looking for adopters; if you need more info, please contact us via the information below.


The shelter’s biggest little pup (under 6 months) is our boy Sparkler. He has been mentioned here before as one of Winnie’s litter of 12. His mom came to the shelter ready to pop and was lucky enough to raise her babies in a foster home before they came back to the shelter for adoption.

Sparkler is the last one of this litter to find his forever home and he says he is ready now! This is such a special little guy. He is great with other dogs and is the rare dog that we can say we know is good with children, as the pups were handled a lot at their foster home.

Sparkler has some manners on board. He has a great sit and doesn’t jump on people. He has been walked on a leash for all of his young life – he’s about 5 months old now – and does very well. I know several of the adopters of Sparkler’s siblings and they have all been impressed with how smart and trainable this group is. One is even being groomed to be a seizure alert dog!

Sparkler has been used as a kennelmate for a variety of other little puppies and has always been patient with them, even when they climbed on him or pulled his ears. His floppy ears and big eyes will melt your heart!

Sparkler is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He is estimated to be around 60 lbs. when fully grown. Meet him today at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter, 980 Lycoming Ave. in McKinleyville. More information is available at (707) 840-9132. All currently adoptable dogs and cats can be viewed at


Redwood Pals Rescue has a lovely dog available in our Teddy. Teddy is about 9 years old and looks like a catahoula and/or shepherd type mix, though it is hard to see his coloring in a photo. He is dog-friendly and cat-friendly, housebroken and crate trained. He comes when called and also sits on command.

Teddy had been adopted from the shelter about a year ago, but it turned out that the adopter turned around and returned Teddy to his former owner. When he showed up at the shelter again some weeks back, he had dropped from his healthy weight of 50 lbs. down to an emaciated 38 lbs. This sweet boy failed the shelter’s food aggression test by biting the prosthetic hand in his food bowl. Redwood Pals couldn’t get a rise out of him by any form of interfering with his food and have to assume that he was temporarily affected by coming in half-starved. He is once again at a good healthy weight and out of the shelter with Redwood Pals.

Teddy plays a rowdy game of chase with the resident dog at his temporary foster home, but seems able to adjust his play to the other dog’s preferences. He did very well on a walk around the dog park and trails at Hiller Park, even with big loose dogs running up to him and does very well on our group pack walks.

Teddy could use a foster or adoptive home where he can settle in. We wouldn’t be surprised if his foster falls in love with him! He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Please contact us if you can fit him into your home or if you would like more info. Email us at [email protected] or call (707) 839-9692.


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