Companion Animal Foundation: Goodness, Gracie!

If you can sense there’s something especially special about Gracie, you are absolutely right. She came to us from an anxiety-inducing shelter environment and was slated for euthanasia before a fellow rescue organization saved her life. Gracie is gradually learning how to give and accept love and has even started to purr when we pet her, so we are confident that with enough care and attention she will become a treasured member of someone’s household. Gracie has a golden-brown tabby coat and sparkling green eyes that light up when she gets to play with her favorite catnip pillows or mouse toys. She is waiting to find a forever family that can treat her with the patience she may require until she is ready to blossom.


We pride ourselves on pairing our animals with purrr-fect new companions, so we encourage anyone interested in Gracie to come in and visit our kitten room Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at our Sunny Brae location. Pictures of the rest of our adoptable animals can be found at All of the animals at Companion Animal Foundation have been spayed/neutered, treated for parasites, and are up to date on their vaccines. If you have any questions about a particular animal or would like to know more about the adoption process, give us a call at (707) 826-7387 or email [email protected]m. Don't forget to follow Companion Animal Foundation on Facebook and Instagram!

Have you adopted an animal through CAF over the last 15 years? We'd love to hear from you! [email protected].



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