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Letters: Readers weigh in on race for Fifth District supervisor

Letters: Readers weigh in on race for Fifth District supervisor

Set the record straight Letters here and on social media about my role as Fifth District Supervisor concerning withdrawal of Mercer-Fraser’s permit application for a cannabis refinery at its Glendale aggregate plant on the Mad River are far removed from the facts. Here’s the truth, with no hidden agenda and straight from the source. Let’s

Humboldt’s beautiful beaches can be deadly

National Weather Service HUMBOLDT – The National Weather Service and the Water Safety Coalition would like to remind community members that some beaches in Humboldt County are particularly dangerous because of how steep they are. Some of the steepest and most deadly beaches are found around the lagoons such as Big Lagoon, Dry Lagoon and

Letters to the Editor April 25, 2018: The good, the bad and the wtfugly unfolding right before your eyes

What have you told the grandkids? What are a few plaques, statues, a fountain, that represent the history of Arcata? They apparently mean nothing! Years ago my great-grandparents Andersons and Partons settled here with other pioneers to create a town. The Andersons gave Van Matre 75 percent of the land for Humboldt State College to

Fhyre Phoenix: Why we should remove the statue and how we’ll pay for it

12 Reasons to Remove the Statue of McKinley from the Arcata Plaza  1.    The Arcata Plaza is the site where Native people were sold into slavery by White men. Therefore, this site should not be used to honor a White man, whoever he may be, but rather to honor the people who suffered there. 2. The

Letters to the Editor, April 11, 2018

Smoky schoolyard Dear City of Arcata and the Mad River Union, On Thursday, March 29, the Union Street Charter School playground was extremely smoky due to the controlled burn by the city, of which we had no warning. The smoke gave me a terrible migrane and several bloody noses. Some people may also have asthma

Judith C. Williamson: The Village: ‘Density’s Child’ is a destiny of many circulatory consequences

You may be aware that a proposal for an unusually dense, multi-story, 800-bed housing compound is currently under consideration in Arcata. You might know that it is – specifically – dormitories, intended for Humboldt State students, referred to as “The Village,” and that it would displace the old Craftsmans Mall. Perhaps you’ve even heard that

Letters to the Editor, April 18, 2018

The Presidency The POTUS gets crazier every day Men in white coats should take him away He keeps Muslim’s away from our soil Except for those with lots of oil He’s smarter than generals and the CIA But reporters, they’re evil, keep them away! He builds a wall to keep Mexicans out Yet, “I LOVE