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Letters to the Editor, April 18, 2018

The Presidency The POTUS gets crazier every day Men in white coats should take him away He keeps Muslim’s away from our soil Except for those with lots of oil He’s smarter than generals and the CIA But reporters, they’re evil, keep them away! He builds a wall to keep Mexicans out Yet, “I LOVE

Bob Holcomb: McKinley – history tells us he was above average, not a monster

The message was clear from the attendees at the Feb. 21 Arcata City Council meeting: if you oppose taking the McKinley statue down you are complicit in racism and, yes, the murder of oppressed people. If you don’t accept the Wiyot position favoring removal, you are guilty of continuing the imperialist oppression of which McKinley

Letters to the Editor March 7, 2018

Commendation and healing I commend the courage and leadership shown by the four Arcata City Councilmembers who voted to remove the McKinley statue from the Plaza (Opposition to City Council’s McKinley removal decision begins to emerge, Feb. 24). Though it was (and will continue to be) difficult, they have struck at least one small blow

Judith C. Williamson: It’s not about the statue

You might not have any interest in our local statue controversy. It may seem just another Arcata antic, much ado about nothing, the people’s republic continued. On the other hand, if you do care (a lot) about it, that statue has come to stand for something quite beyond its historic intent. Either way, one thing

Blue Lake Notes: Virtually sunny

It’s amazing how such a small town like Blue Lake has so many things going on. Just last weekend, there was the Wonder Woman Dash through the town, Mercy’s Haven held a special fundraising dinner at the Blue Lake Casino, and the Blue Lake School Boys Basketball Teams had their final basketball games. I can’t

Letters to the Editor, February 28, 2018

McMAC is MIA Dear Supervisor Sundberg, Over the years, as a conscientious resident of my community, I have deliberately scheduled and attended our local McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee (McMAC) meetings. Sometimes the meetings don’t seem very critical for our community members to weigh in, but every now and again there are topics that the public

Winchell Dillenbeck: Assemblymember Wood’s political double talk on single-payer

The Guest Opinion piece, “Healthcare reform not advanced by false facts, simplistic solutions,” (Union, Jan. 10) written by Assemblymember Jim Wood is nothing more than political double talk. Surveys show 65 percent of Californians support Single-Payer Health Care. The people are moving towards a Single-Payer Health Care system and it is only a question of