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The Hum ~ 7/5 ~ Put a Feather in Your Cap

The Hum ~ 7/5 ~ Put a Feather in Your Cap

Between the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper, of Monterey Pop and of the Summer of Love, Sixties nostalgia is going full force, especially among boomers. As I was preparing for another flashback last week, I got a message from Marvin Samuels, a retired “relaxation specialist” from Blue Lake, saying, “Hey there Bob, Blue Lake’s 50th

The Hum ~ 5/31 ~ Lonely Hearts

“Hello, hello, I like your smile. Hello, hello, shall we talk awhile? Would you like some of my tangerine? I know I’ll never treat you mean.” ~ from “Hello, Hello” by Sopwith Camel Fifty years ago, when the short-lived one-hit-wonders called Sopwith Camel had a hit on the radio, I would hang around downtown Walnut

The Hum ~ 5/24 ~ Krazy Time

It’s krazy time in Humboldt this weekend. You’re probably too young to remember, but Krazy Kat was a wild and krazy comic strip from long ago noted for a “mixture of offbeat surrealism, innocent playfulness and poetic, idiosyncratic language,” (as Wikipedia describes it). Saturday at noon (Memorial Day weekend) things get really krazy on the Arcata

The Hum ~ 5/10 ~ Mothers etc.

Back in my restaurant days, I had to be prepared for Mother’s Day. Moms get the day off, at least theoretically, and everyone goes out to Sunday brunch and/or dinner. It’s good for business—in fact, typically the busiest day of the year. Another big day is when kids graduate from college and parents come to