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Bonnie Carroll: Protecting Children From The Tragedy of Ugly Custody Battles – March 16, 2010

If you suspect your child may be experiencing abuse, then make sure you are providing a safe place for your child to talk about what they are thinking and experiencing, and make sure your child knows that you will provide a reasonable and rational response to whatever they tell you (children know this through experience, so make sure to set the precedent early).

Plucky Prowlers Make Off With Unlocked Box Of Dead Cat – February 3, 2010

10:44 a.m. A 14-year-old skated on the Plaza, where his wallet fell out of his pantaloons. Three travelers – two women and a man – set upon the plopped pocketbook and immediately gutted it of any value. A gift card with $25 in remaining value was redeemed for unknown items – probably cheap crap – at a Uniontown variety store. The male of the crew flipped the emptied wallet back at the boy as his tawdry entourage exited the emporium. The lad went inside to investigate, and an employee told him that “three homeless people” had used the card.