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The Real Sarahs are really all named Sarah

The Real Sarahs are really all named Sarah

Janine Volkmar Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – I heard The Real Sarahs share their acoustic vocal harmonies two years ago at The Mateel and I’m so glad they are coming back to Humboldt County. We’ll have two chances to hear them on this visit; they’re playing both Om Shala Yoga in Arcata and Phatsy Kline’s

Arcata Main Street announces 28th annual Arcata Bay Oyster Festival

Arcata Main Street ARCATA – Arcata Main Street invites our communities to the 28th annual Arcata Bay Oyster Festival on the historic downtown Arcata Plaza on Saturday, June 16 from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.. The annual Oyster Festival event is a celebration of our Humboldt Bay, where we take a particular focus on water health and aquaculture.

Breakfast All Day celebrates a year in Outer Space

Janine Volkmar Mad River Union ARCATA – One of my favorite jokes by that deadpan comedian, Steven Wright, goes like this: “The menu said Breakfast Anytime, so I ordered French toast in the Renaissance.” The Breakfast All Day Collective, at 11th and M streets, is named for this type of humor but their mission to

A local star shines in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

Janine Volkmar Mad River Union ARCATA – Whether you are a serious Star Wars fan or just loved the first movie, it’s hard to forget that bar scene with the assorted monsters, glowing drinks and mesmerizing music played by some seriously strange musicians. “Cantina,” the music composed for that scene by John Williams, has been

Humboldt Can Help: Blue Lake brings it home for Puerto Rico

Janine Volkmar Mad River Union BLUE LAKE – We read the news or see it on television and it’s horrific. Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria in September and 1.2 million people are still without potable water and many without electricity. But talking with former Dell’Arte International students from Puerto Rico about the situation

Will our local pumpkin king be crowned on ‘Halloween Wars?’

Janine Volkmar Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – At first glance, Mike Craghead seems like another one of those multitalented folks in Humboldt: musician, father, artist, but still working his day job with the county. They are among us and are our friends. We support their artistic endeavors and are proud of them but we also

Getting ‘Gruesome’: Fun, games and losing an eye

Lauraine Leblanc Mad River Union ARCATA – It’s still a little early for Halloween, but don’t be overly alarmed if you see a woman walking around with open wounds. If you’re looking at Angie Negrete, her injuries are fake. Negrete is the makeup designer for a student production running at Humboldt State’s Studio Theatre this

Lorenza Simmons-Phillips’ triple blessings

Janine Volkmar Mad River Union ARCATA – Lorenza Simmons-Phillips brings triple blessings to the Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir. She’s the new assistant director of the adult choir, the new director of the youth choir and a member of the soprano section, contributing her voice and infectious joy to the choir. Oh, and she was also

The continuing adventures of Vinny Devaney

Janine Volkmar Mad River Union ARCATA – Vinny Devaney’s mother grew up along the highways of California in the 1920s because her father was one of those wonder workers, the men who built the Golden State’s roads. Devaney, whose given name is Gregg, took the name Vinny in memory of his ancestor. “Vinny was my

Hell Week of ‘Horrors’ – How the ‘little theatre’ becomes the ‘Little Shop’

Lauraine Leblanc Mad River Union FERNDALE – Center stage, a pink hippo and a mermaid sing through the alphabet. The pair are cast members of Ferndale Repertory Theatre’s newest production, Alan Menken and Howard Ashman’s rock musical Little Shop of Horrors, which opens this Friday. If you don’t recall either a hippo or a mermaid