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David "Gypsy" Chain

Fundraising memorial for David “Gypsy” Chain

Fundraising memorial for David “Gypsy” Chain

Geraldine Goldberg Special to the Union EUREKA – Forest activists, community members, musicians and artists will gather at the Historic Eagle House in Old Town, Eureka on Sunday, Sept. 16 for a 20th Anniversary Memorial for David “Gypsy” Chain. The event is a fundraiser for a scholarship in memory of the young man who lost

Arcata veterans hold 9/11 memorial service on the Plaza in honor of Patriot Day

  Mad River Union ARCATA PLAZA – As part of the 9/11 Patriot Day Ceremony, Arcata veterans and civic leaders joined this morning in remembrance of those lost on Sept. 11, 2001. American Legion Post 274 Commander Jeff Sterling lowered the flags on the flagpole to half staff. The American flag is a new one.

The local shopping odyssey of Alicia the Recumbent

I needed a bike and all the gear to participate in a non-profit ride. Where to start? With Justin and Andrew at Revolution Bicycles, of course. I’m unable to ride a two-wheeler because of my disability but that was no problem for them. Well, except to find a recumbent bicycle that could be adjusted to

Trinidad Tidings: Progress made on lighthouse permit

The Trinidad City Planning Commission unanimously passed the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse Consolidated Coastal Development Permit Aug. 30. It is cause for some elation. However, the grueling California Coastal Commission part is yet to come, possibly not until November when the next San Francisco hearing takes place. A consolidated permit means that the same project application,

Blue Lake Notes: Coffee, breakfast and a bike race

The Friday morning Coffee Club, from 7 to 10 a.m., is growing at the Mad River Grange, located at 110 Hatchery Rd. in Blue Lake. It has featured a variety of baked goods made with locally grown squash and fall harvest fruits and veggies, as well as amazing coffee slow pours and even fresh brewed