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The Night Strangers Came Knocking – June 3, 2010

I am 73 years old and I suspect there are not many fugitives of that age out there. If they had done just a little simple research of the kind that my wife and I do frequently while pursuing our genealogical hobby, they could have established that we only have daughters and no Stafford grandsons.

Humphrey, The Hippie And Hordes Of Hortatory Half-Wits – June 1, 2010

1:40 p.m. A pit bull at 13th and Q streets didn’t appear to be vicious, but growled when people approached, probably out of fear and confusion. Lacking further direction and, of course, any ability to explain its origins, the orphaned animal wandered over to some mailboxes and awaited destiny’s next affront, which didn’t take long to arrive. Completing what was probably its worst day ever, not to mention one of its last, the dog was captured with a catchpole and taken to the county animal shelter.

Peggy Molloy's Bayside Currents: Bayside and Beyond

The four key players from Hollywood are Barry Williams of the Brady Bunch, Brian O’ Halloran, of Clerks 2, David Hood, most recently seen in a McDonald’s commercial, and Josef Cannon of Cannon Karst Productions. This is Suza’s second film this year, having previously completed A River of Skulls. Information call Tally Wren at (707) 599-9190.

Arcata City Council: No On Prop 16

PG&E is running a dishonest campaign. While the “Yes” campaign promises democracy and a “right to vote,” in truth the initiative will limit long-existing local government authority to float bonds needed for municipal projects and will hamstring local governments’ ability to choose local power providers. “The Sole purpose of Proposition 16 is to reinforce PG&E’s monopoly,” notes Arcata Councilmember Shane Brinton. “This initiative is a frontal assault by PG&E on local control and green energy.”