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County Forest Policy Looking A Lot Like Arcata's – September 21, 2010

Yana Valachovic, the forestry advisor with the University of California Cooperative Extension who was recently appointed to Arcata’s all-citizen Forest Management Committee, told supervisors that the county has the advantage of having a working model to follow. “The City of Arcata’s forest has provided an accessible demonstration of multi-use management,” she said. “It has been such a leader for integrating the community into the idea that’s it’s possible to get a steady supply of wood as well as a place for recreation, a water supply, wildlife habitat and all the things that people seem to hold in common.”

Robert Eckart: The Night Letter – September 21, 2010

The surprises were only just beginning, however. The next night, there was a letter submitted to all the local city governments and the county as well, de facto declaring that my little group of volunteers were really trying to open a rail line for passenger service and implied that any city, county, state, company, person or agency would likely get sued if they helped.

Company's Coming, Better Hide The Pills – September 19, 2010

11:42 p.m. One of the multiple ongoing neighborly grudge matches flared, with one complaining about overly loud dog conversation in the other’s yard. An officer went over for a listen, but found the barking of the dogs somewhat less problematic than that of certain nearby humans. The officer also invoked the concept of observer-influenced reality insofar as the ambient arfage: “One of the dogs is barking, but it is because I am in the driveway.”