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McKinley defacement probed as statue opponents deny involvement

McKinley defacement probed as statue opponents deny involvement

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA PLAZA – As Arcata Police try to find out who defaced the statue of William McKinley on the Plaza, supporters and opponents of Measure M continue to infer and at times outright accuse each other of committing the vandalism for political reasons. Meanwhile, those wishing to remove the

Trinidad Tidings: Council gets down to business in the seaside village

Trinidad Civic Club Co-Presidents Dana Hope and Jan West, Penne O’Gara and Gary Stillman led the CASA Kid Walk, “A Walk to Change Lives,” as a top fund raising team for the court appointed child advocate organization which trains individuals to mentor children in the court system. There were 31 Kid Walk teams last weekend.

Dogtown: Let Gloria come a-walkin’ down your street

This has been a big week for the shelter’s longest canine resident, Gloria. Gloria has been at the shelter since Dec. 23. That’s a long time to be in a kennel, even with warm floors, regular meals and a daily walk. Gloria is easy to overlook. She is in an end kennel, another mostly black

Letters to the Editor, October 10, 2018

No two ways about it I am writing in response to Michael Winkler’s opinion piece on Arcata’s McKinley Statue. The first thing objectionable about an elected representative sharing their opinion is that they are not voicing the opinions of those they represent. Instead, they are using their elected position to share their own personal opinion.

Arcata Police Log: Compromised hemoglobin in a cupcakian dystopia

• Thursday, September 20 12:38 a.m. Recalcitrant bushmen camping behind a 10th Street business may have insisted on slumping their ground, but were reluctantly disentangled from the foliage womb and compelled onward. 3:58 a.m. A man all asnooze in a car with the motor idling in a  Uniontown parking lot happened upon a novel, mechanized

New channels give Jacoby Creek flooding relief, eco-boost

Mad River Union BAYSIDE – Last Wednesday, Oct. 3, just after 2:30 p.m., Jacoby Creek made a major breakthrough. That was when the last soil barrier between the creek and a vast network of new riparian channels was breached, allowing water to flow in and turn 11 acres of cow pasture into a marsh and

Emely Velez, Eric V. Kirk, Renee Saucedo: Overblown cost claims unfairly undermine Measure K

This November, voters in Humboldt County will have the opportunity to vote for Measure K, the Sanctuary Initiative. This simple proposal will assure that local resources are dedicated to local law enforcement rather than national scapegoating political agendas. Community members gathered thousands of signatures from our neighbors to put the Sanctuary Initiative on the ballot

Politics pervade City Council meeting

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – With a complement of Arcata Police officers standing by in Council Chamber, the City Council processed matters political last week. The police were on hand to ensure that democracy could be conducted, following the shutdown of two successive council meetings and abrogation of press freedom in the