Arcatan heads to Ultimate Frisbee Championship

ULTIMATE FRISBEE Arcata High graduate Robin Joyce, shown here preparing to throw a Frisbee, is headed to the national championship. Submitted photo

Jada Brotman
Mad River Union

ARCATA – Arcata has spawned another national-level sports star! Robin Joyce, daughter of Gene and April Joyce, will be traveling to Illinois May 19 and 20 for the D-III College Ultimate Frisbee Championships.

Robin, 18, is new to Ultimate Frisbee, but is a natural, apparently.

"I'm really excited to go to Nationals," she said in an emailed response, "I think it's super cool that I didn't know how to even throw a Frisbee 8 months ago, and now I get to compete against the best DIII teams in the country!"

Joyce knew she wanted to join a sports team upon her arrival as a freshman last fall at Mt. Holyoke College in Massachusetts, after graduating from Arcata High in 2017.  "As a first year college student 3,000 miles from home, joining any sport would be a great way to make friends.... I initially thought I would join crew, but my mom pointed out it would be a lot of early mornings so I ruled that out."

There are two positions in Ultimate Frisbee, handlers and cutters. Handlers dictate the offense and try to advance the disc by passing it to the cutters, who run around the field and try to stay open.

Joyce is a cutter. She credits her background in dance, at No Limits Dance Academy, with her team-endowed moniker "Most Likely To Catch The Frisbee With Grace.".

"One team we would like to beat is a local rival, Williams College. They are currently ranked as the number 1 team in women's D-III Ultimate and we're definitely capable of beating them if we work for it. In one game we played against them it was very close, and we were trading points until they went on a run and we gave them the game. Every game we play is going to be a hard game, so we're going to work hard and make the most of our experience at nationals!"