ADA Beef Closes Barbecue Restaurant

UP IN SMOKE Scott Seelye, owner of Porter Street Barbeque, emptied out his restaurant at Samoa Boulevard and G Street last week. Porter Street had an outdoor grill and was known for its succulent ribs. Barbecue lovers will now have to travel to the Porter Street location in Eureka.   JD | Union

UP IN SMOKE Scott Seelye, owner of Porter Street Barbeque, emptied out his restaurant at Samoa Boulevard and G Street last week. Porter Street had an outdoor grill and was known for its succulent ribs. Barbecue lovers will now have to travel to the Porter Street location in Eureka. JD | Union

Jack Durham
Mad River Union

ARCATA – Another Humboldt business has fallen victim to notorious attorney Jason Singleton’s lawsuit scheme,  this time Arcata’s Porter Street Barbeque.

A fixture in town for 18 years, the restaurant closed its doors for the last time on Nov. 23, just before Thanksgiving break. The barbecue joint at 665 Samoa Blvd. had five full-time and six part-time employees.

According to Scott Seelye, who co-owned the restaurant with his wife Sherry, the closure was spurred by a lawsuit filed against Porter Street by Singleton, a Eureka attorney known for filing civil lawsuits against establishments, accusing them of discriminating against disabled clients in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). On behalf of a person with disabilities, Singleton accuses a business of committing a laundry list of ADA violations. Singleton then demands a wad of money to settle the case.

Although the attorney’s lawsuits are perfectly legal, it is not uncommon for people to characterize Singleton’s tactics as nothing more than a form of extortion. Hand over your money and Singleton goes away.

Singleton, reached by phone on Dec. 5, was tight-lipped. He refused to comment on the case, referring all questions to the defendant, in this case Seelye.

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For the restaurant owner, the chain of events that killed his Arcata business began in June, when he received a vaguely written letter from someone with a post office box in Platina, a tiny town located about 40 miles west of Redding in Shasta County. The letter writer complained that the restaurant facilities were not adequate for a disabled person. Seelye said the complaint was not specific, and there was no way for him to communicate with the person, who was presumably a customer at Porter Street at some point.

Then in September, a person walked into the restaurant and handed Seelye  some papers. Seelye was served, and the lawsuit was underway.

The lawsuit claimed that the restaurant was in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act, in that the bathrooms were inadequate, the urinal in the men’s bathroom was too high, the counters were all wrong and the parking lot was not in compliance.

Even the signs in the parking lot and the soda machine inside were in violation of the ADA, the lawsuit alleged.

The lawsuit demanded that Seelye upgrade the restaurant and fork over $9,000 to Singleton for his attorney fees.

Seelye consulted with an attorney and his landlord. The upgrades, Seelye said, would cost at least $40,000, probably more. It was more than he could afford.

Seelye explained that the restaurant was barely getting by, sometimes struggling. Over the last two or three years, the economy has been difficult, he said.

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Seelye said that given the economics, he didn’t really have any choice but to pull the plug on Porter Street Barbeque.

As for Singleton, Seelye and his landlord settled the case for $8,000, each paying $4,000 to the attorney. In addition, Seelye had to pay his own legal expenses.

Late last week, Seelye and a crew were emptying out the restaurant, loading stoves, picnic tables and various pieces of equipment into a U-Haul truck.

The situation is somewhat of a head-scratcher for Seelye. He opened the Arcata restaurant 18 years ago in what used to be Jonah’s seafood restaurant. Long before Jonah’s, the building was a gas station.

Seelye said he had all the permits he needed from every agency that required one. He was approved by the City of Arcata, the State of California and the county Health Department. He did everything by the book.

Then along comes Singleton, and he is out of business.

“It seems like it’s just legalized extortion,” Seelye said.

The restaurateur will now focus on his Porter Street Barbeque restaurant in Eureka  at 605 Broadway St.

“I’d like to thank the local community,” Seelye said. “We tried to keep it open as long as we could.”

Customers, such as 47-year Arcata resident Ginger Campbell, were saddened to learn about the restaurant’s closure.

“I think it’s a terrible loss of a resource for our community,” Campbell said, noting how Porter Street was a big supporter of local sports teams, including Humboldt State.

Local paramedic Doug Boileau said he will also miss Porter Street.

“They’ve been here a long time. Great people, great food,” Boileau said.

A partial list of other businesses in Humboldt County that have been sued by Singleton include Central Station in McKinleyville, Six Rivers Brewery in McKinleyville,  Toni’s 24-hour restaurant in Arcata, the Minor Theater Corp. in Arcata, Café Marina in Eureka, Café Waterfront in Eureka, Arctic Circle in Eureka and Gottschalks in Eureka.


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  1. marbolt said:

    Time to bring back tar and feathering, what a scumbag singleton is.

  2. anonymous said:

    this town is already so small with nothing in it and now they are taking even more out because of this douche bag lawyer who has nothing better to do…how sad

  3. Sterling Hallbrook said:

    I hope Singleton enjoys the money he stole from Scott’s wife and children, not to mention the former Porter Street folks that are now unemployed.

  4. Fred Mangels said:

    Funny thing is, I read a year or two ago that the state legislature passed some law that would make it harder for these frivolous lawsuits to go forward. Looks like they didn’t go far enough.

  5. John Ford said:

    Some of the best small business owners have fallen prey to Singleton’s extortion. He hires people with disabilities to specifically visit targeted businesses. They go in, don’t say anything to the business owners, sometimes spending maybe 10 minutes inside of the establishment. Never make a purchase. Roll out, take notes, then move on to the next victim. Jason has a group of these people. Sometimes you wouldn’t see the same name twice in the lawsuit. Once, or if the business owner settles, the person who has done the foot work gets paid a percentage and Singleton receives the balance. I have seen too many people get taken by this guy. From what I have personally seen so far, he doesn’t want to give the business owner the time nor opportunity to make things right. He is in this for himself and not a true advocate for the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  6. John Ford said:

    From what I understand, it just gives the business owner more time to make the corrections. I could be wrong.

  7. StSinner said:

    Has anyone visited Mr. Singleton’s office, to make sure it’s ADA compliant?

  8. Jayson Eldridge said:

    I’m pretty sure this is the same guy that made Arctic Circle close its doors in Eureka a few years ago. It blows my mind that this guy operates with such impunity and gets away with this type of thing.

  9. Jimmy Shnebby said:

    Was just thinking the same thing. I think it’s time for a little taste of his own medicine.

  10. Efren said:

    So sad. The Arcata Porter Street was such a treat for all HSU former and current student-athletes. Scott Seelye is a great man who I’ve known since 2005. It’s unfortunate that future HSU student-athletes can not continue the tradition of enjoying delicious Porter Street food in the Arcata shop. Scott has treated HSU athletes extremely well throughout the years. I hope coal is in Singleton’s stocking this Christmas.

  11. AlbertBarr said:

    Is there any actual way for the community to bring action against the lawyer since we all seem to agree this isn’t right? Any lawyers out there?

  12. Kayla Shaw said:

    Students in general loved Porter Street, not just athletes. I don’t know a single person who wasn’t a fan… This is truly sad. This isn’t Walmart or McDonalds, this was a mom and pop place that served amazing food day in and day out. Not like they were rolling in the dough. I understand and respect that disabled people should be able to access things comfortably and equally but this just seems unfair to me. Singleton is a prick and he is getting some serious Karma for all this fuckery.

  13. Chad Johnson said:

    How can a shithead like Singleton do this if the owner met all the legal requirements to get his permits? Shouldn’t the city of Arcata have to pay the extortion since they OKed the permits?

  14. facemanbbqlover said:

    So lets just say I love Singleton. I feel his tactics are a bit abrasive but have you ever eaten here. The food is beyond gross. I would consider myself an avid BBQ fan and tasting the food was like eating boiled meat with BBQ sauce reheated on it. Any of the food you saw being cooked outside was for later in the week. So what your really eating is reheated on the flat top from days prior. The beef dry, over cooked and lets say the sides are nothing to be left desired.

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  16. facemanbbqlover said:

    not true that food was awful. Old meat and Cisco truck food. They don’t even know what real BBQ is. Thank god this is gone.

  17. Gregory Goodell said:

    people like that give disabled people like my dad a bad rap. being a son of someone in a wheelchair i know how hard it is to get around but none of the business’ mentioned are really that hard to get around. granted most disabled people want it easier, i understand that, but my dad has been in a wheel chair since 1976 when there was no ada and he has done just fine without ada requirements even though they do make being in a wheel chair or otherwise disabled easier. doing crap like this guy has just ruins it for everyone disabled or not.

  18. Jessica Cejnar said:

    I agree. One of my first meals as an HSU student in Arcata was at Porterstreet. I celebrated my 21st birthday there and later on my graduation from HSU. Sad sad day.

  19. SolarBozo said:

    Really, this is beside the point. I agree the food was pretty marginal, one time was enough for me.

    But this is about an attorney who makes a living killing off small businesses.

  20. SolarBozo said:

    Because ADA laws were not part of the permit process that the restaurant had to go through.

  21. Mel said:

    It seems that Singleton doesn’t care how many enemies in the community he makes… So sad.

  22. Chad Johnson said:

    I don’t think this gives disabled people a bad rap. It gives wheelchair chasing lawyers that exploit disabled people a bad rap.

  23. Andrew said:

    Food quality and even cleanliness have nothing to do with ADA compliance.

  24. Skippy56 said:

    This is bullshit – the disabled and Singleton only makes it more difficult for others to create an accessible world to live in! If a business does not provide accessible, you are not able to get into the business or use its facilities, don’t do business there!

    I, disabled for nearly 40 years do see a positive outcome in closing a business because of a minor point of access.

    These kind of lawsuits have only made it more difficult to become employed, create more accessible venues to participate in the social life, and just go into a business because of fear of being sued! These types of lawsuits only cost the public through requiring the disabled to require more assistance – Yes, more accessible places will create more independence of the disabled, but if you are feared because you have a disability what did you accomplish?

    I thought the State of California also just passed a law against these types of useless lawsuits that close businesses!

    I push access in many ways, but through lawsuits, bullshit!

  25. Skippy56 said:

    If it is the one on L street, No it is limited just those businesses he has sued!

  26. Skippy56 said:

    Yes, it allowed the business more time and I understood no monetary value to the lawyer or complaint

  27. facemanbbqlover said:

    This is a good thing. How would an attorney be able to this if they where not compliant with the law? He is doing his job unlike porter ST. You think with a restaurant that made its living off people with diabetes and mental issues they would have had proper facilities to accommodate them.

  28. facemanbbqlover said:

    Your right! But if this wasn’t legal he wouldn’t be able to shut them down. Im assuming by doing everything by the books and then getting caught for not having a proper establishment for your customers is sad. He didnt have the money who cares, time to put a real restaurant there or another grow store.

  29. Bob Cristee said:

    thats crazy im sorry that that attorney is a dusche bag loser for taking someones life away from them i cant understand how he can even wake up in the morning knowing that he screwed someone out there lively hood hope he gets slapped cause KARMA IS A REAL BITCH

  30. Just a dude said:

    Diabetes and mental issues? Are you one of them?

    I’ve never eaten there and thus have no way to assume diabetics and mentally ill people are the majority of Porter Street’s guests. Somehow though I feel like you’ve been there, and you’re one of them, or you wouldn’t have such a viewpoint.

    Way to go, bbqlover.

  31. jennifermorrill said:

    This jerk travels all over California doing this…not to big chain stores who can afford it. To the little guy. THis is NOT what the ADA was intended to do. These business owners aren’t discriminating or being intentionally harmful to anyone with disabilities. Upgrades take time and money and usually small business owners have to chip away at them slowly. He is exploiting people with disabilities to make himself rich. It’s disgusting and disgraceful. I live in the Sacramento area and have a friend who fell prey to this gutter sucking scumbag.

    Edited to add: My friends business that ended up closing it’s doors….the complaint was that the parking lot had too long of a walk from certain disabled spaces that was “embarrassing” for someone disabled to have to walk. My friend had no part in making the parking lot, and was only leasing space from the strip mall, so was not in any position to make the changes himself. However, he was named in the complaint because as the business owner, he should have “known this would cause discomfort to the disabled”

  32. Skippy56 said:

    The law I refer to is SB 1186 passed in September of 2012 I believe.

  33. Ralph McCarthy said:

    As a community we need to create a fund to help all businesses become ADA legal and a legal fund to defend local businesses to help them as they defend themselves and create a safe space for the disabled..Secondly, we as a community need to look into Singleton’s legal practices and take legal actions against so called legal extortion.

  34. facemanbbqlover said:

    Nope not a tard or a diabetic. Just grew up here and have always enjoyed watching the amount of bad food pass as great or good. I know several people who have worked there and most quite due to gross and weird food practices.

  35. Just a dude said:

    Well the health department should be notified so people’s lives are improved through modification of food handling and cleanliness practices. Suing a business for ADA violation doesn’t speak at all to whether or not they were a clean business.

    Forcing a business to shut down like this doesn’t help anyone but the lawyer and whatever plaintiff he’s got on the payroll.

    As for people who would be better off without the fatty food (if that’s what it was), they’ll just find something else to eat.

    I think the lawsuit against Porter Street sounds fishy..

  36. Kicker said:

    Hey, idiot. You have zero idea of the bullshit you spew. First, it’s Sysco, not Cisco, and they provide good, quality ingredients to most of the restaurants in this area. Second, with the amount of beef they cook every day there isn’t time for it to become “old meat”. I wonder if you’re not related to this dickhead lawyer.

  37. LowRider said:

    Time to rap this jerk lawyer in tar and fathers and to send him out of town !

  38. Ten_of_Diamonds said:

    I’d suggest contacting our State and Federal congressional representatives. The State and Federal ADA laws should be applied only to new and existing buildings that are undergoing renovations. An existing building that is not in compliance should not be required to upgrade, unless a specific renovation threshold is reached. That would protect the small business owners who are just getting by.

  39. jljhumboldt said:

    Singleton should be run out of town on a rail and you can go with him. you are the only person with something bad to say about porter street, but what about the other small businesses he has sued? honestly he is hurting the town, and its people. so are you, the whole county would be better off with out the two of you in it.

  40. Brent D. Eldridge said:

    This upsets me so much, how this guy can come along and shut down the many places I like to eat! What a scummey lawyer! I miss article circle, and I will really miss porter street in arcata 🙁
    Eat crow singleton!

  41. lady with a fandango said:

    As a disabled person, this guy makes me SICK!!! Disabled persons need REAL hero that deal with ACTUAL problems! Not problems contrived by some attorney trying to pay his bills! This guy needs to be reported to the Bar Association, and in addition, I think if the community RALLIED AROUND THE BUSINESS OWNER we could fix the problems stipulated in the lawsuit without costing the business owner. Please let this be a lesson in true COMMUNITY for all of us! Can we help this business without making a profit? I do believe we can! This ambulance chasing attorney needs to find another community to suckle on! Better yet, he can starve!

  42. annoyedbystupidpeople said:

    This is disgusting !why is no one doing anything about this guy.have him go to the bay area and do this.

  43. annoyedbystupidpeople said:

    Does anyone have a picture of him… we no who scrooge is if we see him. Post his face any where you can.

  44. Candace said:

    Doesn’t the plaintiff usually pay his own attorney’s fees? Why would Seelye and the landlord each pay him $4000?

  45. Themisadventures Ofbunjee said:

    Singleton needs his ass kicked. I’m sorry. Wait, no I’m not. He has done more to hurt small business in Humboldt than any other entity to line his own pockets.

  46. Themisadventures Ofbunjee said:

    Well then, we shouldn’t be hearing back from you anymore.

  47. The Cuch said:

    I thought this idiot had been put out of business! I heard a judge had ruled against him a few years ago and he was forbidden to bring these cases to court? I read about it in the LA Times I believe…
    I guess I’m mistaken?

  48. maktown said:

    The law is loose and easily exploited. Part of the statute makes it mandatory the legal fees are paid by the business/ building owner regardless.

  49. Erik Burman said:

    I’m guessing that Mr. Singleton doesn’t hang out in Humboldt County, else he would already have been taken out by a hit and run. But before we cast stones let’s think about how this situation came to be. Lawyers do what lawyers do. They are parasites and opportunists. They depend on the stupidity of strangers, If it wasn’t for the rank stupidity of the voting population this would not have come to pass. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990 on a bipartisan vote. Those who saw this coming were vilified as mean spirited. Sound familiar? As we all know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and the lawyers depend on this fact of life. It just goes to show you how dangerous it is when politicians work together. We are much better off with gridlock. Long live gridlock.

  50. William Barnhart said:

    Check out his facebook page & you’ll see the WHOLE 27 friends (people that check out the businesses)….. Just make a list & watch for them.

  51. The Cuch said:

    Okay, it looks like there was a bill but it was defeated by some senators who received kickbacks, er.. I mean donations from these senators:

    SB 743

    Dutton’s bill sought to stop this lawsuit abuse while maintaining the integrity of the ADA laws as well as compliance.

    There are hundreds of lawyers just like Johnson and Singleton in
    every county throughout California, preying on small business owners
    while earning a substantial living.

    “These lawyers are committing what amounts to extortion on the
    business community and hiding behind the ADA laws as justification,”
    said Dutton after the hearing. “They are an embarrassment to their
    profession. They are not serving the needs of the ADA community and,
    ultimately, they are killing jobs in California. This problem will not
    go away and I hope the majority party will work with me to find a
    solution to this serious issue.”

    Democratic Senators Mark Leno (San Francisco), Noreen Evans (Santa Rosa) and Ellen Corbett (San
    Leandro) were the deciding votes killing the bill in the Judiciary
    committee. All three senators have received sizable campaign
    contributions from trial lawyers, and lawyers are listed as the “Top 10
    interests Funding” on each of their campaign contribution pages (click
    on the Senator’s name to see contributions at – See more at:

  52. bossman said:

    You obviously never ate there. I know the cook and his food is excellent. @facemanbbqlover:disqus , you are soooo wrong. Get a life

  53. bossman said:

    you are such a jerk that doesn’t know what you are talking about. Spreading false information is just wrong. Go out and get a life. You just don’t understand BBQ if you really think this. I think you are a disgruntled ex customer that probably tried to get a free meal and they refused. Go back out on the street and have a meal on us from the garbage can. Loser!

  54. Davidb said:

    When I first told my high school teacher I was going to be attending humboldt (im from out of area) she gave me a gift card to porter street and told me I had to go because it was so good. It was my first meal out and I never looked back. This legal predator needs to be stopped.

  55. bossman said:

    You still don’t get it loser. He shut them down because nobody in a small business can afford the 40K or more to make the stupid corrections. Corrections that most people that are disabled don’t even need. Loser!

  56. facemanbbqlover said:

    What other business? Are you talking about arctic circle, pantry village or any of the other full of shit companies that ransack the bad food industry here? Who cares and what opinion so you have besides being rude. Retards and fat people are real people to i don’t think you get it.

  57. facemanbbqlover said:

    Ok not false info and also never worked there. They have had a very poor reputation for a while that is why they where financially suffering. I also understand BBQ very well its easy cavemen and redneck are good at it, so lets say its not hard to nail a decent meal. Also please refrane from using your lower brain to type its starting to stink with your insults.

  58. Jason Singleton Is Scum said:

    Jason Singleton has done this to many places.. He is the reason Arctic Circle closed down. He has a woman in a wheelchair go to business that can’t afford to upgrade their property and sue them. She gets a “finders fee” to get these people sued. Yes, Arctic Circle was going to shut down.. But, because of Singleton.. It closed a lot earlier. He knows what he is doing is wrong and so does his secretaries.. and his (ex…?) wife. He should be made to pay back all money that was won during any settlements and ALL of his employees and himself should go to jail. HE AND HIS STAFF ARE CRIMINALS!

  59. facemanbbqlover said:

    Hey Bossman. No one actually cares about your opinion. I didn’t say rude stuff to you at all. As far as my grammar goes its the internet its not any concern to me about my grammar its about what I am saying. can you comprehend it? Bad Food< Good Food. Get it? its closed and I love it. What are you going to do about it.

  60. facemanbbqlover said:

    First of all if its not served to me the same day its cooked its “old meat” Also “Sysco” is not good, when you have all the resources here locally to make better choices on product why make that choice to feed us bull crap GMO frozen shit? If yo think this is good you must be the owner of porter st. Not a grammatical error just chose to not capitalize that crap hole.

  61. swede said:

    The ADA laws were poorly written at the get-go by attorneys for attorneys to cash in. It’s a cash cow for prostitutes, er, attorneys, just like Singleton. A well known contractor in this community who shall remain nameless confided in me he met in the judge’s chambers with Singleton and offered to fix whatever needed fixing to abide to the ADA requirements. Singleton wasn’t interested. He doesn’t give a damn about fixing the noncompliance. He’s solely after the money. The law needs to be changed. Singleton’s not the only “pro” in the game. New York City is getting whacked by attorneys with the same MO as Singleton.

  62. SPEAK OUT said:

    Let this guy hear what the people have to say! I sent an email, you can too. If enough people make him feel unwelcome he will move along.

  63. Prospero51 said:

    I am disabled and I find this man Singleton and his accomplices reprehensible. What the folks commenting here need to realise is that they aren’t affected in any way by the negative remarks. They do not care what happens to others because they are sociopaths. We don’t need sociopaths in our gene pool.

  64. Montanna Jones said:

    Question…is there some way that businesses can determine whether or not they are ADA compliant before someone finds fault somewhere? There should be some way for a business to protect itself from this type of abuse.

  65. DHW51 said:

    Not to be redundant, It was a thought in my mind too, and especially when Arctic Circle was closed, It was my understanding that he/Singleton was basically told by a court decision to “get out of town” and stop his suits. I agree with Shnebby Skippy, and Sinner…turn about is fair play.

  66. Bereft said:

    Way to work against the stereotype of the greedy scumbag lawyer who would fornicate with his own grandmother for a dollar, Singleton!

  67. Kathleen Talley-Henthorn said:

    This is sad perhaps the City of Arcata can find a way to come to the defense of these home grown businesses. Maybe if the city’s attorneys would get involved they can find a way to curb this legal scam. I have never been there, but my sister told me of the hometown charm and friendship of this community. Shame to have it disappear.

  68. PatriotGranny said:

    Someone needs to file a lawsuit against Singleton. I wish I was in the area, I would volunteer to be the one to go into his office then write him an anonymous letter with no return address complaining. But please, someone stop this man.

  69. facemanbbqlover said:

    That does nothing he works for himself he is his own client.

  70. PatriotGranny said:

    Are you sure that is his FB page? Looks awfully young. Nevermind, I just googled him and it is. Too bad he doesn’t have one you can comment on.

  71. just me said:

    i know many ppl loved porter st’s bbq fare, i was not one of them. and i LOVE bbQ! sorry to see them have to go under these shitty circumstances, and sorry for the employees now out of work. that sucks.

    i’m disabled, and what also sucks (for me at least) is that with my mobility issues getting worse, i’ll soon be getting around in a wheelchair. so, although singelton has called out about his shaddy lawsuits, i can understand the problems a non ambulatory person would have with non-access to public places.

    this thread is about the hsu student population frequently eating at porter st. bbq. sorry they can’t still enjoy that anymore in arcata.

    but where can a starving student find $$ in their budget to be able to afford eating there? my income is small by most people’s income, but ample enough for me if i watch my budget.

    i guess i assumed wrongly that students struggle with $$ and budget problems as they work for their own and hopefully societal improvement.

    so, am i envious that so many hsu students can afford what i consider the luxury of eating out, much less eating at a pricey restraunt. yes, i might be.

    well anyway, i appreciate the info presented here as it helps me change my perceptions, one being that of starving students, the other being our local community’s attitude towards their non ambulatory neighbors being able to enjoy the restaurant so many others have.

    let’s enjoy what life has blessed us with, my friends. enjoy that most of you can walk around w/o assistance or resistance.

    but hey, the sun is shining hot and tis a beautiful day. why are we sitting here?? i need to go sit in the sun with my current good book…maybe i’ll get a tan from the sun and not a fog burn…lol

  72. RefFan said:
    A paragraph & quote taken from above 2008 article:
    Carmichael-based attorney Catherine Corfee, who represented Toni’s and Six Rivers Brewery, said by phone last week that these cases usually have little to do with actual discrimination. They often focus on slight imperfections found not to have deterred other disabled people’s access. And they nearly always settle — it’s cheaper than a costly court battle. A jury trial could rack up $80,000, or far more, in attorney’s fees, which the defendant has to pay. Even so, the defendant might still shell out between $5,000 and $30,000 in a settlement, she said.
    There are some valid cases, she said. She doesn’t count Singleton’s among them.
    “I believe that he basically is a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” Corfee said.

  73. just me said:

    you grab a video camera and take me to his office. if i am unable to access it, you document it…we split the payoff we take from him, and he packs his Henk Travelfriend suitcase (which can be purchased for a mere $20, 000) and get on a greyhound for parts unknown.

  74. Brook Bryan said:

    Is there any way around this, I know its different, but what if it became drive thru window only, no access for anyone. I would do that or go moble, trailer style.

  75. annoyedbystupidlawywers said:

    He already does. He runs this scam in many places in California, including places around the bay area.

  76. jane said:

    this sounds like a mafia thing…. he definitely needs reported to the bar association… he has been targeting small business because he knows big business has money to fight so you all need to form an alliance together and fight…. these scumbags give human beings a bad name…. he doesnt deserve to breathe same air as us…. as for urinal heights i think they have a standard height… and if they are in wheelchairs most of them probably are unable to stand to use them anyway…. but to set up people going in as disabled to find fault well there is a word for that but i am not thinking of what it is… but this business owner and probably others had passed all that was required to open their businesses… without fault… so it makes no sense a idiot like this man can get away with this…all these business need to ban together and file a lawsuit against him… shiester …comes to mind…

  77. jane said:

    sounds to me like you are one of those who posed disabled and caused these businesses heartache.. sounds to me like you are in the Obama camp trying to ruin America…. we dont need you or your business… you have no clue what your talking about…

  78. Greg Beach said:

    You know what is interesting??? Every person involved in this fiasco is a registered Democrat. This is what happens when liberals are allowed to vote. The state legislators that passed the Unruh Act (all liberals), the 9th District Federal Court that continues to uphold the silly provisions of this law (all liberals), Jason Singleton (definitely a card carrying socialist). Heck there is a good chance that this Seelye guy is a liberal, but I’ll wager not for long. The Tyranny of the oppressed is just beginning.

  79. Stacy Pottorff said:

    This makes me sad. I understand both sides of the situation and am rather disgusted that it went as far as a lawsuit and store closure. Yes, I’ve often found that a business is not in compliance or that it is just simply difficult to maneuver around inside. But sometimes the cost of making those changes to a building that has been around long before ADA regulations were put into place is just too much. To me, if a business has done as much as they can to make accommodations than they have done their due diligence. If the accommodations are not enough for you, don’t visit that business. A business who makes no effort, or a lame one, than that is a different story and action should be taken. This man had no option.

  80. Humboldt Hanna said:

    I am disabled and I NEVER had a problem at porter street.They were very accommodating and the young gal who worked there even brought me my food and got em my drink! I feel that this guy is just a ass who sues the most vulnerable businesses in the county.

  81. Bronco said:

    If you have proof of your allegation that he solicits/hires the plaintiffs in his suits, then report him to the state this would be solicitation and barratry.

  82. Stateside Sasquatch said:

    Here is a case study for a similar situation:

    This so-called attorney (Jason Singleton) is out for blood. He is doing this in the name of justice for those with disabilities, but in reality he is damaging the local economy. Extortion? Sounds like it. It would be beneficial to the area of Arcata/Eureka to have him audited. The dirt uncovered may reveal the true vampire….

  83. annoyedbystupidpeople said:

    I was trying to post a good pic of him but can’t seem to figure it out.just heard he hit Toni’s arcata again.

  84. Janet Johnston said:

    If a business has the almighty Humboldt Co. Building Dept. permits why is this happening? What does this say about the county or the cities involved?

  85. PatriotGranny said:

    I would take you up on that in a heartbeat if I lived anywhere near there. By the looks of the responses here, I’m sure someone will!

  86. shayne707 said:

    that’s just ridiculous. i’m totally and completely against what Singleton is doing, and i’m a liberal (yeah, go ahead, bash away, ’cause i know you will)

  87. SGT Ted said:

    Critics of the ADA predicted this very stuff would happen when the law got passed back in the early 1990s.The ADA was always meant as an Attorney Employment Act.
    NEVER trust politicians when they say they are going to pass a law to “help the unfortunate” It ALWAYS works out this way and winds up screwing over decent people. ALWAYS. And it is attorneys driving the support for these laws by using sympathy milking techniques and then bait and switch.

  88. surferchic55 said:

    The point isn’t whether you like Porter Street Food or not. That is irrelevant. The point is that someone is coming in and closing small businesses in Humboldt. I think that if enough people petition against him he will be forced to move. Personally, I have never liked the food there, but what he is doing is WRONG! He is getting rich while putting many people and businesses out of business. I want to see how ADA compliant his office is.

  89. Efren said:

    Hi Kayla, I agree that all students loved the Arcata Porter Street. I just have an in-depth background on how generous Scott was to the student-athletes, and Athletic Department in donating to HSU.

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